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How to Restore Kiwi Wonder Game Data

Post By : Funkoi Team
Date posted: January 6, 2014

Worried about your Kiwi if your Blackberry dies or you need to re-install the OS? Want your scores protected if you drop it and it gets run over by a truck? With a few simple steps you can backup your savegame. This will restore everything. Without a backup savegame the only things we are able to restore are the Super Kiwi, Rocket Kiwi, and Coin Doubler. You will not have to pay for them a second time, all other in-app purchases are consumable and will not be restored.

This is how you do it in Windows:

1. Connect your phone to a computer
2. Go to “z:\misc\KiwiWonder_state_backup”
3. Copy that and save it

When you buy a new phone or re-install your OS:

1. Download Kiwi Wonder
2. Connect your phone
3. Put the file in the location you found it
4. Launch Kiwi for the first time

WARNING: You must put the file on your phone before launching Kiwi!

Steps 5-∞: Play Kiwi

Kiwi Wonder is FREEEEEE!

Post By : Funkoi Team
Date posted: December 25, 2013

For Christmas. Thanks to Blackberry, take your BB10 device to the App World to receive your special holiday gift from Funkoi (hey, it beats coal!)

And check out the new, holiday themed Kiwi banner for the website!



Alpha Zero FREE TODAY!

Post By : Funkoi Team
Date posted: December 4, 2013

Hey Funkoi Fans!

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Most importantly, enjoy Alpha Zero! 

New Alpha Zero Boss

In-game screenshot of a new boss… Can you handle it?

Super Special Sales!

Post By : Funkoi Team
Date posted: November 28, 2013

Greetings gamers!

We have lots of holiday discount news for you today!

Thanksgiving Discount!

Two of our great titles will be on sale for the Thanksgiving holiday: Toon Ambush, and Little 3 Kingdoms. Discounted to just $0.99 – don’t miss your chance!

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Sweet November Deals

Post By : Funkoi Team
Date posted: November 1, 2013

Alpha Zero is now available as part of the Blackberry Sweet November Deals campaign for only $0.99!

Alpha Zero on App World